All electronic and electrical items can be switched off when not in use to save electricity and money. If there is just 20 per cent of the staff working on a Saturday, the whole office does not need to be lit up. Devise a flexible seating arrangement so that the employees working late or working on off-days can sit together, and the lights can be switched on only for that section.Travel has become more expensive, and a sure shot way to cut down on expenses is to cut down on the frequency of travelling you and your employees do. Plan only absolutely essential trips, and manage the other meetings through phone or video conferencing.

The management energy saving for businesses can take the initiative to organise carpool groups for employees who are located close to each other, thus saving costs on fuel.Turn Down Your Water Heater And Turn It Off When You’re On Vacation: What temperature is your water heater set at? You don’t know? Well, you are certainly not alone. Be sure your water heater is set to no more than 120 degrees. Adjusting the temperature setting down can save you money without impacting your shower quality at all. Also, consider shutting your water heater off while you’re on vacation. Why pay to have heated water on stand-by for you if you’re not there? Savings: Up to $75 per year.

The greatest savings, in both dollars and reduced carbon emissions, are most easily realized by installing energy-saving light bulbs in any fixtures which are lit from dusk-to-dawn but aren’t controlled by a motion sensor. This could be a floodlight above the driveway or back deck or a pair of decorative sconces or lanterns straddling the front entrance. Post lights are commonly lit all night as well. If you’re like us, you get peace of mind knowing that these lights make the home look very much occupied while you sleep.Can you reduce your energy bills by turning your light eco-friendly? Is your your room wasting power and harming the environment? energy saving for businesses uk Is there any time you leaving the lights working while you get out there?